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Can you believe SPAM is toasting its FIFTH birthday this April? 🥳🎂🍾

As part of an ongoing series of celebrations (more 2 come), we're hosting adhoc and ~exclusive talks with the editors throughout the rest of the month. SPAM Bites will be short sessions (up to an hour) held on Instagram Live, where pairs of editors chat about poems taken from SPAM001 and SPAM002 - the debut and sophomore issues of our online magazine. The idea is you get to read the poems along during the discussion, and are welcome to engage directly with the dialogue through questions and comments on the Instagram Live stream. Stay tuned to the SPAM gram the day before, where we'll reveal which poems we're going to talk about.

Here's the schedule:

23rd April @ 12pm (BST)

Loll Jung & Max Parnell

26th April @ 7pm (BST)

Denise Bonetti & Maria Sledmere

29th April @ 12pm (BST)

Kirsty Dunlop & Alice Hill-Woods

You'll find us on Instagram @spamzine.


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