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(ANNOUNCEMENT) Thirteen Morisettes at Mount Florida Books, Glasgow

An illustration of Alanis Morissette, with curly long brow hair and heavily made up eyes wearing a bright pink sweater and holding a mug with the words Thirteen Morisettes written in black ink and a heart with an arrow through it. In the mug is a green liquid with green bubbles floating out. The background is brown with faint stars. In cursive writing is the names Courtney Bush, Marianne Tambini, Leo Bussi, Jack Underwood & Annie Muir. In typewritten font it says in the top left corner, SPAM Press Presents and in the top right hand corner it says Mount Florida Books, 13th February. At the bottom right hand corner, is written, @spamzine,

Join us for the launch of a shiny new SPAM publication that’ll sweeten your hearts and ears alike: Thirteen Morisettes by Courtney Bush and Jack Underwood at Mount Florida Books, Glasgow. Hosted by Kirsty Dunlop and Maria Sledmere. Please sign up for your free ticket here.

This event is the first stop on our SPAMphlet Thirteen Morisettes tour - you can also join us in London at the Peckham Pelican on Thursday 15th and in Bristol in collaboration with Tottering Friday 16h February.

In Thirteen Morissettes, Courtney Bush and Jack Underwood conduct a formal study of friendship and distance, a transatlantic encounter between two poets obsessed with the singer Alanis Morisette. Comprising a tender new form of poetic composition, ‘the morisette’, this book explores a music made of error, a new form of being together at a distance. Generous, playful and charming, Thirteen Morisettes is an urgent transmission of refracted lyrics, daily life and celebrity hauntology.

Praise for Thirteen Morisettes 

Courtney Bush and Jack Underwood are here to remind us that poetry is, actually, about having fun with sounds. Both winsome and Lynchian, Thirteen Morissettes moves between misheard lyrics and letters exchanged by two poets being haunted by figments of the eponymous Canadian singer. Together the two discover it’s not a simulation we’re living in; it’s a singalong.

– Jameson Fitzpatrick

With readings from;

Annie Muir's debut pamphlet New Year’s Eve was published by Broken Sleep Books and her work has recently been featured in Gutter, New Writing Scotland and Snack Magazine. She has a podcast called 'Time for one Poem', and facilitates poetry workshops in Glasgow - both are aimed at complete beginners to poetry. Find out more: @time41poem

Leo Bussi is a poet based in Glasgow. They run Waterwings Press, a series of readings and a publishing project.

Marianne Tambini is a writer and cook based in Glasgow. She writes poems, stories, dialogue, essays and articles about food, housing, friendship and the internet, among other things.

Courtney Bush is a poet and filmmaker from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. She lives and works as a nanny in New York. She is the author of the chapbook Isn’t This Nice? (blush_lit, 2019), and the full-length collections Every Book Is About The Same Thing (Newest York Arts Press, 2022) and I Love Information (Milkweed Editions, 2023), a 2022 National Poetry Series selection. Her films, made with collaborators Jake Goicoechea and Will Carington, have been screened at festivals internationally. 

Jack Underwood is a poet, writer and critic. He is author of Happiness (Faber 2015) Solo for Mascha Voice (Test Centre, 2018) and A Year in the New Life (Faber 2021). His debut work of non-fiction, NOT EVEN THIS, was published by Corsair in 2021. He has collaborated widely with composers and artists, and his work has been published internationally and in translation. He is co-presenter and curator of the Faber Poetry Podcast and is a senior lecturer in Creative Writing at Goldsmiths College.

SPAM Press is a post-internet poetry publisher described by ChatGPT as ‘an avant-pop haven nestled in the digital realm’. Operating as a pamphlet press, zine, online magazine, literary journal, DIY organiser and podcast, SPAM embraces the collision of theory and pop culture in and against the oscillating stratospheres of late capitalism. Established in Glasgow in 2016, SPAM comprises a cheerful bunch of voluntary editors with interests spanning New Media writing, ecopoetics, hypertexts, video games and the magical, trashy detritus of life on the internet. With an international author roster and readership, they have published over fifty print publications by writers including Samantha Walton, Jennifer Soong and Daisy Lafarge. Their most recent anthology, Brilliant Vibrating Interface, was supported by the Edwin Morgan Trust Second Life Award and is accompanied with a ‘digital sibling’ of hybrid and transmedial experiments in text, image and film.  

SPAM lives on X, Facebook and Instagram @spamzine 

Accessibility: Mount Florida Books is wheelchair accessible. Unfortunately our toilet is not. If you have any access requirements, please email and we will do our best to meet them.

Sign up for your free ticket here! Buy a copy of the book here!


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