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(DISPATCH) Ian Macartney joins SPAM!

Black and white portrait of Ian sitting on floor speaking into mic
Image credit: Jared Cameron

We're thrilled to announce that a close friend and comrade is now joining the ranks. Having glided across the Plaza from analogue heaven to pastures spam, Ian Macartney is officially in the building!

Please get in touch with him about all things:

—post-post-internet imaginings

—apophatic matters, deep time

—rave culture, syntax, abstraction

As Distribution Coordinator and Assistant Editor, he'll be helping with all things bookselling, outreach, essays and reviews, poetry editing, marketing, events and media.

Ian Macartney is a multidisciplinary writer from Linlithgow, West Lothian. His work has been featured in Ex/Post, Icarus, Maudlin House, #UntitledThree (Polygon, 2020), The Centenary Collection(Speculative Books, 2020), The Scotsman and The Guardian. In 2017 he founded the Aberdeen-based arts collective Re-Analogue —in 2021 he founded the small press sincere corkscrew. His most recent screenplay was for the short film Caledonian Dreams, directed by Ewan McIntosh. He was also commissioned by BBC Scotland for two filmpoems in collaboration with Matt Gibb, “The Heart’s Constant” and “Four Years”, while his play Year/Year (Fey Theatre) debuted at the Old Hairdresser’s in 2019. He makes electronic music as adios nervosa, digital visuals as Russell Teapot, videos as Our Non-Hero, helped run the netlabel Almost Ghosts, ran the 'gonzo internet criticism' blog Epikinetics, hosted the online interview series Spoke In Mirrors, edited the music magazine Dancing About Architecture, and can be found at either or

If you haven't already, get your hands on the tasty taco that is Ian's ! / Object, a pamphlet from our season 6.

>>>> ian.spamzine[at]gmail[dot]com <<<<

>>>> <<<<


Published 11/10/22


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