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ANNOUNCING: SPAM Issue #10: MILLENNIUM MEGABUS LAUNCH. Yes, we are on fire and publishing FOUR BOOKS in the glorious month of March. This may be our most special issue of SPAM zine yet, so come down to The Poetry Club, Glasgow on 25th March to celebrate with us – a guaranteed affordable glide through time and space :’))

***adopts laconic bus driver affirmation***

****shots millennial enthusiasm potion****

This service is our last and it’s gonna be the ONLY DESTINATION in town, hey, maybe the only destination this side of the millennium. Hop on board for SPAM’s final zine launch at The Poetry Club. Expect ON TIME // OFF-PEAK // LOW CARBON PLEASURE // ACCELERATION // POST-INTERNET POETICS // LUXURIOUS ONBOARD VISUAL & SONIC ENTERTAINMENT // PETRO-MELANCHOLIA // ART POP // TRANSPORT UTOPIA // && SWEET SWEET TECHNO. Issue 10, MILLENNIUM MEGABUS, is our biggest and best yet (imagine megabus gold but as hyperobject) and we’re throwing a party to mourn the death of SPAM zine while celebrating the infinite ride that is SPAM Press.

Recommended dress code: Megabus colours/end of the world

>>The Lineup<<


Louis Allen Chris Timmins Andy Barr Dan Power Sam Riviere

Film screenings:



V. delicious. You won’t be disappointed. :’))

Formed as a solo recording project in 2018, V.C.O is the brainchild of Josh Adams that has expanded to a seven piece live band featuring Ellie Buglass, Lewis Docherty, Lizzie McCreadie, JonJoe McGirr, Calum Stuart and Nathan Syed Tollan.  With an eclectic range of influences, spanning Talking Heads to Nina Simone, and an army of cowbells, the septet will undoubtedly make noises that you may or may not have a physical-come-emotional response to. Basically, they’re a band.  Sort of.  Not really.  But a band.

Being courteously disloyal to Acid Småland’s quasi-domesticated flagship, the rhythms of the final hours will be joyfully thrusted into the heart of postmodern degeneracy. Akin to our beloved long distance service, this sensual deprivation into the dead of night might induce symptoms of nostalgia, surrendering, longing and nausea. Expect delayed gratification and endless fuel.

Doors are at 8.30pm. £3 in, as ever [cash only OTD].


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