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We wanna sound glamorous and smart, so here we are quoting Lisa Robertson: ‘Let us suppose here that poems are those commodious anywheres that might evade determination by continuously inviting their own dissolution in semantic distribution’. In the spirit of any zine worth its (late/high/post/meta)modernist salt, we’ve decided to get down and dirty with SOUND. We want texture, sonic distraction, poetic flirtation, lyric swerves, fizzy voices, ASMR intonations, Tom Raworth-y bullets of words and soft, sweet, irresistible prosody. Our eyes hurt from screen time and for once we want to LISTEN to poems. We want those commodious anywheres; we want to be held by them.

> Coming to you from lockdown, SPAM HQ are stoked to present URL SONATA: a new podcast series of SPAM poets reading their poems, as well as commentary episodes featuring yr fave quartet of editors (Denise Bonetti, Kirsty Dunlop, Max Parnell and Maria Sledmere). URL is the address of a webpage, it’s what guides us home in the virtual agoras of our daily lives oncam/onscreen/online. As coronavirus forces us more and more to embrace this (post)internet existence, we hope listening to poetry will provide a flavour of comfort, safety, presence and resilience. If Kurt Schwitters’ ‘The Ursonate’ is designed to be performed in public, it wants for the condition of song, then URL SONATA is SPAM’s mission to broadcast our favourite voices loud and far: to feel into those strange, disorienting rhythms and yea, as Lisa says, pursue >>semantic distribution<<! 

> Episode 1, featuring readings from season 3 poets Hannah Read, Anjeli Caderamanpulle and T. Person is now available to stream HERE

> More coming soon. Tell yr friends. 


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