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(NEW CONTENT) Glitching the Collective Mind by Dan Power

We are THRILLED to announce the publication of Dan Power’s exciting new dissertation, ‘Glitching the Collective Mind;;; How post-internet surrealists are creating a new reality’. 

‘To inhabit online spaces, where temporality and dimensional space are eschewed, we have to redefine ourselves and our relationship to the world. This creates an existential confusion, which this dissertation believes can account for the rising popularity of surrealism in online spaces. Some online filmmakers invoke surrealism and a post-internet aesthetic to engage with these ideas directly, and in doing so have constructed a liminal half-reality which exists somewhere between the digital and the physical. As their films grow in popularity, and get emulated and spread throughout the networked world, transcendent notions of what it means to be human in a digital world get further embedded into humanity’s collective knowledge. As such, these memes are forging a new reality.’

Dan is a long-time SPAM contributor, writer, editor and radio dude. In 2017, SPAM Press published his pamphlet Predictive Text Poems and a new pamphlet, More Like This, is forthcoming from If a Leaf Falls. He edits NoWhere Zine and is one half of Lancaster-based vaporwave-revival outfit, Soulacoaster Tycoon, who recently released their debut album, Soulacoaster Tycoon: The Album.

You can find him on Twitter and Instagram @therealdanpower. 

We will be publishing ‘Glitching the Collective Mind’ in three parts this week on the SPAM website, so stay t u n e d…



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