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Join us for our Chips&Cheese issue party at The Poetry Club on 22nd February (9pm-2am).

Your itemised order:

>>>>>1x KAPUTT Creme de la creme of Glasgow’s top bands featuring members of Chrissy Barnacle, Lush Purr, Breakfast Muff & The Bellybuttons ♥ ‘Loose and erratic, with fluctuant vocals leaping above sparkling instrumental breakdowns and freak-outs, that take on all manner of colours and shapes, crafting something both ambiguous and brilliantly infectious’ in the words of Tom Johnson > >

>>>>>1x Decent Sweets The most #nostalgia #KRecords band to ever come out of the West End is back after the dramatic exile of two of its most vital members. Bring tissues, a lighter, or a romantic date. >

>>>>>1x Easy Lo (2hr set) [DJs bios are hard!!] She’s smart and sophisticated and she’s leaving Glasgow like a week after this?! Expect funk // techno // electro // brokenbeat // surprises (smirk emoji) > _____________________


1x Hannah Read poetry reading (Small)

1x Scott Morrison poetry reading (Medium Spicy)

1x Screening by Ryan Jarvis (Gluten Free)

1x Screening by Perfect Girlfriend (Extra Spicy Dip)

£3 otd / £5 w SPAM issue 6


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