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🏝️Pack your bags, it’s time to send holiday content for issue 8 of SPAM zine, under the all-inclusive theme package of:

🍹🛳️⚓>>>💦"CRUISE LINER" 💦<<<⚓🛳️🍹

Poetic and experimental entertainment welcome onboard included but not limited to:

Love Boat, planned fun, open bar, Titanic (1997), tropical islands and fjords, ‘In The Navy’, buckfast at Loch Lomond, Christina Aguilera’s ‘Candy Man’, smashed bottles of champagne, Cocaine Nights, romantic getaway, R&R, ‘the lounge’, ‘Queen of the Seas’, ‘Symphony of the Seas’, ‘Independence of the Seas’, the ship as a ‘she’, leisure under capitalism, all inclusive holiday resorts, the Out Of Office reply, on-board casino, off-board casino, the cabaret, the magic show, the karaoke, the ice-skating show, specialty themed restaurants, the daily beginners salsa class, the after-dinner stroll, the PROMenade deck, waking up early to get a deck chair, retirement plans, a vast choice of swimming pools, bikinis, polka dots, ship horn (both meanings), engine white noise, postcards, postcard slogans, cheap souvenirs, the breakfast buffet, the salad bar, the planned excursion, mall-on-water, seasonal jobs, above deck v. below deck, front of house v. back of house, The Captain, cabin fever, inter-company shagging, ‘just having a cigar’, chatting to a stranger at the champagne bar and leaving your number in lipstick on a napkin underneath their dirty martini, the dining room candelabra, “fine dining”, the chapel, etc.

Very last bookings 15th August.

All sorts of poetic and/or experimental forms welcome; send max 2 A5 pages to be printed in B/W; all submissions to

⚓🛳️*ship horn sound 2x*🛳️⚓


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