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*referee whistle blowing*

SPAM zine is looking for submissions for their upcoming 9th issue, with the theme > > >

     > > > 🄰🅂🅃🅁🄾🅃🅄🅁🄵 < < <

Poetic and experimental entertainment welcome on the pitch to be (loosely) inspired by the following formations:

synthetic nature, roll-up pastoral, breathable materials, sweat, physio, offside, the art of garden maintenance, “track and field” but as verbs, chalk lines on the ground, 4-4-2, 5/7 a side and other polygons, William Carlos Williams’ poem ‘Lines’, Timothy Morton sipping on soylent and winking to the camera, the irrigation grid but only for show, changing rooms, football parents in minivans, the dualism ‘home/away’, the garden section of the DIY store, the outdoors indoors, your cat trying to eat a leaf off a plastic ficus, that episode of The Apprentice (current season) where Daniel leads the makeover of the rooftop bar and puts synthetic grass ON THE BAR TOP, foam bricks, bars and hoops, ‘match point’, bruised knees, fantasy football, football fantasy, the keeper of the goal, hyperobjects, soft-looking but rough-feeling, green shreds, the base of the ball, models and tactics, plotting green, the mid-field condition, the ubiquitous torn ACL, belle & sebastian in vintage sportswear, soundtrack to fifa sports games, locker politics, plastic eclogues, the game buffering, steroids, grass on steroids, the PE kit, PES, the commentator, to strain, plastic suburbia, etc.

Season Ends 1st February.

All sorts of poetic and/or experimental forms welcome; send max 2x A5 pages to be printed in B/W; all submissions to


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