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(Dispatch) Welcoming our new editorial assistant!

SPAM HQ are HYPED to announce a new member of the team, joining our Glasgow branch. Kirsty Dunlop will be taking over as our Editorial and Media Assistant, helping out with editing, publicity, events and more. You should know she’s the speediest and most industrious reader known to the scene, pens excellent poetry and fiction, knows her way around Python and is also a sensitive Cancerian at heart.

a bio:

Kirsty Dunlop lives in Glasgow and writes: short stories? poems? electronic literature? collaborative fiction? – she’s not very sure most of the time… and is drawn towards the exciting possibilities of cross-medium, cross-form writing. She is currently working towards a DFA in Creative Writing at the University of Glasgow, conducting practice-based research into interactive fiction/hypertext/transmedia storytelling and other collisions between fiction, poetry and technology.


Kirsty will be working with us on specific projects going forward (yass) – more info to follow. For now, you can reach her for all SPAM-related enquiries at kirsty.spamzine[at] 😍


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