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(WORKSHOP) Upcycle your spam: trash poetics and creative reuse

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We're buzzed to announce a new workshop as part of the Stay-at-Home Literary Fringe Festival.

More info:

31 Oct, 13:00 – 14:30 GMT

The Zoom Room

Hosted by Denise Bonetti, Kirsty Dunlop & Maria Sledmere

45 percent of all emails are spam. Facebook took down more than three billion fake accounts over a five month period. Way back in 2007, The Daily Mail reported that ‘experts say’ image spam ‘could bring the internet to a virtual standstill’, taking up ‘70 percent of the bandwidth bulge.’ Spam, junk mail, defunct ads, and other online detritus are part of our daily diet of information. We are here to help you sift through, cut, paste, curate, and improve on the waste language of Web 2.0, work on your creative ‘bandwidth bulge’, and in the process bang out some brilliant poems. We’ll explore the weird, consumer unconscious of image spam, how to makeover antique forms of junk mail and phishing scams, the ethics and aesthetics of internet poetic readymades, and the practice of trash ekphrasis.

This writing workshop is Pay-What-You-Can (suggested minimum £3 donation) and open to all. Click here to donate and support us :').

To sign up, please visit our page on the Stay-at-Home website.


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