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All in Animal Time, Karólína Rós Ólafsdóttir

Part of Season 7

A5 | 52pp.

Published: 10th November

Cover art by Maura Sappilo 


Praise for the pamphlet:

All in Animal Time is a trove of poetic enthusiasms for our present world, in all its thrilling detail — from watery sensations of dew, saliva, summer tears and dregs, to poems of the body in which “plush curves sway”, to speculations on the dietary needs of black holes, to conversations with inflatable crocodiles. These are breathless, abundant poems that illuminate new possibilities for joy, for sadness, for transcendence and for assortment — all told in Ólafsdóttir’s boldly inventive voice. It is a hairy miracle of a collection, of fizzing and sparkling fervour.

– Poppy Cockburn


Eins og klókur einkaspæjari ræður Karólína gátuna. Hún flettir ofan af tungumálinu og opinberar auðlegð hversdagsleikans. Allt þetta undarlega, dulda og fallega, ekkert sleppur undan augliti hennar. Þessi ljóð tendra ljósaperuna yfir höfði lesandans, það er sönn, sönn, sönn unun að lesa að þau.


Like a clever detective, Karólína solves the mystery. She exposes language and unveils the abundance concealed in ordinary life. All things peculiar, slinky and beautiful, nothing escapes her keen eye. These poems illuminate the lightbulb above the reader’s head, they are a true, true, true joy to read.

– Brynja Hjálmsdóttir


I don’t drink but I’m drunk reading All in Animal Time. Confused, embarrassed, want to tell everyone I love them, chase things smaller than me, and also want to squirrel up in a ball and cry. In this crittery state, the precipitation of Ólafsdóttir’s poems forms a mist/film/skin all over what Steirischer Herbst calls “body luggage”, the instinctive judders we experience in and through language. Ólafsdóttir’s language is glassy, putty-like and gungy all at once: these poems gorgeously inconsonant and shut-the-front-door.

– Colin Herd


About the author:

Karólína Rós Ólafsdóttir is a poet writing in Icelandic and English, working across creative writing, visual arts, and translation. She is currently translating early 20th century Icelandic poetry into English researching Nordic Decadence. She is a graduate of the English and Creative Writing BA at Goldsmiths University and is currently pursuing a Creative Writing MA at the University of Iceland. Her work has appeared in publications such as Volupté, SPAM, magma poetry, amberflora zine, Wormhole, STARA journal, and Pastel Series as well as in performances and group exhibitions in Iceland, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

All in Animal Time, Karólína Rós Ólafsdóttir

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