Cymbalism & Lemonade, T. Person
by T. Person 

Cymbalism and Lemonade by T. Person is like a well-timed musical composition in the form of poetry. As if the first violin has been hijacked by an overzealous computer keyboard in this bookish orchestra, this pamphlet builds an architectural foundation of words and analytics that span topics from contemporary politics to shopping malls to concern over the refugee crisis to the global north, splendour and finally the heritage of colonialism.
Between the lines that sell you a pastoral pop-culture portrait of the pope and beyond, Cymbalism & Lemonade stirs and sizzles a unique, recurring, almost distant and fragile rhythm of the hopeful and undisturbed belief in cohesion, linguistic connectedness and the natural state of the world — all nurtured by the wisdom of stones, folk myth, imaginary dialects, spoken history and hearsay. T. Person evidently strips poetry down to its smallest parts by turning every letter, every word, every sentence, every location on the page around to provide a bold illusion of soothing hybridity in a post-internet age, where someone can simultaneously have a walk, chat on the phone, listen to the radio and read the news.

28pp., hand-bound

Cymbalism & Lemonade, T. Person

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