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glitterbawl, Lizzie McC

Cover: Bernadino Mei, ‘Ghismondo with the Heart of Guiscardo’ .



Praise for glitterbawl:


McCreadie's is a poetics of warm and bitter wisecracks, savage mimicry, kitschy religiosity - and most of all a certain hardened wistfulness. glitterbawl is a slant and brilliant thing.

— Imogen Cassels, author of _VOSS_ (Legitimate Snack, 2020) and Arcades (Sad Press, 2018).


Belt up! This is the respiratory news. Prepare for a cratering. glitterbawl will rip the heart from your poetry chest, show you Freud on coke, Jesus dripping on the shower curtain, Edie Sedgwick snuffed out in the tub. This poetry is artifice electric. It will burn you raw.  Lizzie McCreadie knows how to look a library boy in the eye and swig.

— Jane Goldman, Reader in Avant-garde Poetics & Creative Writing at the University of Glasgow and author of SEXKPHRASTICS (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, forthcoming) and Border Thoughts (Leamington Books, 2014).



glitterbawl, Lizzie McC

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