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SPAM Magazine

Submissions for the Magazine are currently CLOSED

With our online magazine, SPAM aims to publish exciting poetry that speaks to the post-internet generation. Our tastes are varied, but for an idea of what we publish you can peruse our back catalogue of zines, anthologies and pamphlets, or check out our post-internet scrapbook here. We welcome any type of content that may be deemed 'poetic' in the 21st century. Simultaneous submissions are perfectly fine, as long as you inform us if your work has been accepted elsewhere. We don't do bios, but feel free to tell us a bit about yourself in a cover letter.

→  Please submit up to three A4 pages of poems as a .doc and PDF document (or any suitable format for video/audio/cross-media submissions).

→   We now accept submissions within limited reading periods throughout the year. If we have not responded to your submission within two months, you can assume the work was not right for us at this time and are free to submit elsewhere. You are also free to submit (new) work when submissions reopen for future issues.

→   Please do not submit work outside of the reading period.

→   If we publish you, please wait at least 2 more issues before sending us work again; this is to ensure a diversity of authors. 

→ Send your work to spamzine.editors [at] gmail.com, with 'Online Magazine Submission' within the subject.

N.B. We are especially interested in submissions from writers of colour, disabled writers, queer & neurodivergent voices.

To be notified as to when Magazine submissions will be next open, follow us on social media or subscribe to our mailing list.

Essay submissions are currently closed. 

We are having a temporary hiatus on Plaza submissions and hope to reopen in early summer 2021.

We are interested in publishing critical essays, personal essays, “”“essays”“”, and experimental prose focused on current cultural artefacts. We take pride in calling ourselves a ‘post-internet’ endeavour, so please consider this when submitting; we would like to read pieces that are - or engage with - the contemporary. Word counts, scope and form of approach can be flexible.

→ To submit a piece for online publication, a proposal, to pitch an idea, or for general info, email  kirsty.spamzine [at] gmail.com

Review submissions are currently closed.

We are having a temporary hiatus on Plaza submissions and hope to reopen in early summer 2021. Regular contributors may still continue to receive press copies on our behalf and secure commissions for upcoming reviews.

We welcome reviews of any recently-published poetry/poetic publications, nonfiction books and, on occasion, experimental fiction whose style and ethos is aligned with that our readership and publications. Get in touch if you'd like to submit or pitch a review and/or interview. If you'd like to become a regular contributor, please send a sample of previous critical work.

SPAM Cuts submissions are currently closed.

We are having a temporary hiatus on Plaza submissions and hope to reopen in early summer 2021.
Submissions for our SPAM Cuts (single-poem reviews between 350-1200 words) are always welcome, as long as the poem (interpret 'poem' as you like) reviewed is freely available to read online and published, ideally, in the last six months.

→ To submit a review or for any information, email editors.spamzine [at] gmail.com

→ To submit a SPAM Cut, email alice.spamzine [at] gmail.com

Please note: All SPAM editors work voluntarily and part-time. The expected response window for all Plaza submissions is 2-3 weeks. If you have not heard back about your pitch after that time, please feel free to send us a friendly follow-up email to check the status of your submission.

Season 5 Pamphlet Series

Submissions for pamphlets are currently CLOSED

We are pleased to announce that between 1st and 30th April 2021, SPAM are open to submissions of poetry manuscripts of up to 36 A5 pp. Please check out our magazine or buy some of our previous publications to get a sense of what we like.

→  Please submit pamphlets in BOTH .doc and .pdf form to
spamzine.editors [at] gmail.com under the heading ‘Pamphlet Submission: “TITLE”’.

→  Ensure your submission is typeset to A5 page size in no smaller than size 11 font, and no more than 36 pp in length. 

→  When submitting, introduce yourself with a brief bio, indication of publication history and cover letter about the work and why you want to publish with SPAM.

→  Note that we can only accommodate publishing in black and white (although cover will be in colour).

→  This series will have a standardised cover aesthetic.

→  Submissions are open between 1st April to 30th April 2021. Manuscripts sent out-with these dates, and manuscripts which do not follow the above formatting guidelines, will not be considered.

→  Your manuscript will be read in May; expect to hear back from us in June — if you do not hear from us by mid July do drop us an enquiry email.

Statement on Fees

SPAM is a non-profit, community interest company / DIY operation.

Please note, at present we are unable to pay for website contributions.