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(FEATURE) Digital Dreamscape

Illustrated computer with butterflies in lime green against black broken up into tiles with the words in red 'Digital Dreamscape'

The following extracts have been taken from a COLLABORATIVE DREAMSCAPE written on a shared Google Doc by participants of SPAM Press's Digital Dreamland workshop led by Kirsty Dunlop & Maria Sledmere at the the Still-at-Home Fringe Literary Fest 2021 on the 23rd May 2021.

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTOR: Derrida once claimed ‘the dreamer invents [their] own grammar’. In this workshop, we’ll be delving into the realm of dreams from a post-internet perspective, exploring overlaps between dream language and the psychic environments of digital platforms. From lightweight writing activities to readings of dreams and poetics, we’ll think about questions around time, memory, intimacy and association within the dreamscapes of sleep and the attention demanding, hyper-environs of social media. Writing about Andrei Tarkovsky’s film Solaris (1972), Jonathan Crary notes that ‘loss of diurnal time loosen[s] one's psychic hold on a stable present, allowing dream as the bearer of memory to be relocated into waking life’. While Crary is talking about life on a space station, might the ‘artificial environment’ of the internet effect a similar temporal displacement? In ‘Digital Dreamland’, we’ll use poetry to venture through a post-internet grammar of dreams and offer experimental approaches to the electronic (un)conscious, both on the page and the screen.

Yellow background and black lettering corresponding to writing on the side

Elephants never appear in the pink sky upside down, because the blue scares them.

They only persist. Surrender, Persist. Add a square frame.

Streaming pop music purple sunrise from the other side. In hiding myself I see others as well, I get hungry often.

A convex of colours

In a lovely convex

Lovely complex in its acceptance of the world

Secret pathway lined with


Held by string to dormant spaces/add a stroke of blue

and then red

Balloons are everywhere

Little floating pockets of your breath


Yellow background and black lettering corresponding to writing on the side

I'd like to be Elon Musks's baker on Mars - where is my


Pixelating in the cloud - little byte-size loafs

(+ marathon, snickers, Toblerone cheesecake)

Musk of musk and grim - a fr538ants

All the drams I typed

All the dreams I typed into the document that summer

All the documents of that summer that burned my flesh

All the dreams that have disappeared

All the disappearances that were dreams

All the disappearances that were drawings

All the summers I typed into that document that dream

All the dreams in that document that burned my flesh

All the summers have disappeared.


Yellow background and black lettering corresponding to writing on the side

is so much of wat yet to be asked, the tooth in question, a platonic tooth sweeter than air and milky the tooth would be anonymous tooth or would it be named, gosh I I need a dentist!

(when we asked about teeth we were asking about two things: the ability to consume, and the inner strength that our bodies possessed)

What do my retainers say about me?

My dentist recently congratulated me on keeping the

plastic sleepers for two whole years, so I bit into the

plastic mould of the next decade

Or my recurring dream about the supermarket?

Absinthe supermarket

Absent nourishment lies

sparkly processes of fluorine and euclid

put green on you tongue and grow sapling from

language <3

I never go to the dentist in dreams which is unwise I lie


Yellow background and black lettering corresponding to writing on the side

I am not a planet.

I might be a piece of forgotten, wheeling, plummeting space trash.

To cross the event horizon of a black hole as a human body ends/begins/becomes in something called "spaghettification" where the body is stretched and stretched without stopping and time slows because

that's what gravity does to time and ou move

infinitesimally towards the centre of the supermassive

and you are only a noodle or perhaps trillions of noodles

Put your coin into the bubblegame machine, or else

Because your furniture is not FREE of charge. You need

to pay for the window too

Find a lamp on the street - it belonged to the

neighbours - such a nice lamp - take it and keep it and

now you can't be friends with the neighbours because

you have their garbage lamp in your living room - but

the lamp is beautiful and it was decidely worth it. Some

kind of blue-skied feeling is clear as the animal that

lingers at the side of my dream and is it drooling it is

only as small as the marble-eyed.

The bubbles run from the bubble-gun.


Yellow background and black lettering corresponding to writing on the side

Forgetting about step 2 is part of the process

Kp the bodies OUT

It rains

At this point you will feel no pain, you just couldn't

Let the bodies in

Let em in

If you're cold, they're cold, let them in! LET THOSE


Cold Bodies

BABY tiny little baby youre features are so small! The

baby is a red herring

Cold babies stacking at your front door



Yellow background and black lettering corresponding to writing on the side

any died. Im stealing these words

Not if I steal them first


Text: Collaborative text from participants of 'Digital Dreamland' workshop

Published: 23/06/21


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