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(LAUNCH) Season 3 Triple Pamphlet Launch

SPAM Press are super hyped to announce the publication of THREE new SPAMphlets for Season 3 of our single-author pamphlet series. We will be launching all three with readings from each poet at Good Press, Glasgow on 17th March, 6pm. Free entry. Publications will also be available from our website to order. Stay f i z z y >>>>

Anjeli Caderamanpulle, Boys

Ten slender lyrics written to the juiciest male actors of the times, Boys comprises fanfic love poems buoyed up from the undercurrent of #metoo and other media scandals. From this insidious climate of gender violence, inequality and public fetish, Anjeli Caderamanpulle’s debut pamphlet delivers her poetic critique with effortless, post-internet finesse and a twist of gurlesque humour and charm. Her laconic addresses to the likes of Robert Pattinson, Timothee Chalamet, Adam Driver and Michael Cera, ranging between the dark and seductively banal, will have you reaching for comparisons with Chelsey Minnis, Bunny Rogers and A.K. Blakemore.

Hannah Read, poems by my imaginary boyfriend about his imaginary girlfriend

A pocket-sized diary of post-internet love annotations, Hannah Read’s fragments are blessed with the sincerity and dead-pan surrealism of iPhone notes and ancient Roman epigrams alike. As it twice travels through the hypotheticals of desire, poems by my imaginary boyfriend about his imaginary girlfriend takes on echoes of alt-lit “honesty”, internet self-gaze, and haiku incompleteness – while also not trying to do any of this. This is poetry that very much operates by its own rules, familiar and distinctive at the same time. It could be a cross between Boris Vian and Georges Perec, young, in love, and on Twitter. But it’s not. It’s not that at all.

Tommy Pearson, Cymbalism & Lemonade

Cymbalism & Lemonade mixes juice with sound. A sort of concrete cocktail for uncertainty that paddles from the minute to the art object to the end and tries to make as few ripples as possible along the way.


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