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(NEW SERIES) ‘ON:___________’ by Meredith Grace Thompson


Coming soon: we are super excited to announce a new essay series from poet/essayist Meredith Grace Thompson. Stay tuned over the next few months for more of the following:

an experimental essay series and one-sided discussion group, begging the questions we all (or perhaps none, that’s cool too) have been asking ourselves constantly. Delving into the strange, slippery but unavoidable bits that make up life as a struggling writer, the ON:_________ series looks at procrastination, bartending, café work (does latte art really matter? The answer, surprisingly, yes!) social media for the clinically camera-shy, forced smiling for the hereditarily grumpy, uncomplicated questions like “what is it to be happy?” “what is home?” and lots more tales from the necessary and often degrading hospitality work suffered by artists everywhere. And it all begins—with a sourdough starter.

Meredith Grace Thompson is a poet and essayist born in Edmonton, Canada. She studied philosophy and English literature at Concordia University, Montreal and recently completed her MLitt in Creative Writing at Glasgow University. Her work can be found in Sound & Noise, GNU Journal, The Dallas Review, Her Heart Poetry, and Hwearf Journal. She is the editor of BlueHouse Journal.

Published 11/11/19


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