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Afternoon with Magnolia

Afternoon with Magnolia

Feliz Bazalgatte

ISBN: 9781915049087



Part of our Concrete Bundle 🐚


About Afternoon with Magnolia: the booklet is made up of a set of polaroid images and screenshots of text taken in the last few months. Its starting point is the poem of the same name by Kim Sun-Woo which presents the magnolia buds of early spring as gross, visceral and creepy. In part this pamphlet is about the uneasiness and comic absurdity of a spring spent mostly in isolation reading on the internet, trying to parse some kind of meaning from all the disparate sources, comments, articles, archives while nature unfolds outside.



Felix Bazalgette is a writer from London whose poetry has been in various small mags, SPAM, Blackbox Manifold and is forthcoming in the Earthbound press poetry series. 

His journalism and essays have been in the Guardian, LRB blog, NYRB and The White Review among others. He’s currently writing a non-fiction book for Fitzcarraldo Editions about photography.

Afternoon with Magnolia

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