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! / Object +, 1846975493

We have made a terrible mistake. Ian Macartney did not write ! / Object, the  pamphlet that he wrote, published by us in May 2022. That was not a mistake, it really wasn’t him, it was the set of numbers he gives to it now, 1846975493. That’s the author.  To accommodate the number’s rage, Ian has given 1846975493 something called !  / Object +, the original pamphlet with an expansion pack, but then also 1846975493’s attempt at a ‘post-post-internet pamphlet’ called system preference. And now it is available for purchase. The plus sign is important, never forget it!


"What is this? As the refractive index of thousands of crystals on an LCD screen make pixels make a text make an image (an object?), this pamphlet might be `Liquid in my hands In my mouth’.  I̶a̶n̶ 1846975493 summons a glitchy Virgil who — through poems that clutter & swirl with `cosmic profanity’ — guides us through bolgia of comment sections, misheard lyrics and Taco Bell. Charlie XCX, SOPHIE, Beyonce, et al., become imbricated as 'Another day flickers in our heads’ as reality is raised to the power of 5. What is the flicker? The poems cast this digital inferno as the aftermath of a houseparty where `Empty cans Broken glass Pieces lie in my sink’. A noxious flickering of addicted attention waking up in the kitchen where the ‘Four ponyboys’ of the Apocalypse are saying 'Hi :('. Take this pamphlet and read eat it in the Taco Bell on Sauchiehall Street. It has ‘atypical goodness’". 


— Jac Common

! / Object +, 1846975493

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