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in the country garden /the end of england, Jack Young

Part of Season 7

155mm x 195mm 



Published: 10th November

Cover art by sam williams. 



Praise for the pamphlet:


In Young's country garden invitations, fantasies & distortions sprout up amongst murdered petals, the weeds act of 1959, & lovers spittle-thick in the hawthorn. While wandering errantly towards and away from narrative, 90s gamer culture & Arthurian representations, intervals of time decay & language deserts colonial taxonomies. the end of england is a back/slashing/escape/sequence of grotesque erotics that pulls down garden walls, & breeches, perverting & renewing our sense of the pastoral.

– declan wiffen


In a feverfew dream somewhere between Penda’s Fen and Riddley Walker, Jack Young’s pamphlet is a morderous and joyful denaturing of the garden as metonym for England. I marvelled to watch its illicit crops – Latin taxonomy, Arthurian folly and 90s arcadia – mutate into an effervescent meadow, a queer & borderless botania.

– Daisy Lafarge


About the author:

Jack Young is a writer and socially-engaged artist living in Bristol. He writes hybrid work exploring land justice, queer ecologies and hauntings of landscape and archive. His debut chapbook is URTH (Big White Shed:2022) and he co-edited the book Haunting Ashton Court: A Creative Handbook for Collective History-Making in 2023. He also co-hosts the literary podcast Tender Buttons in partnership with Storysmith Bookshop. As an educator, he works with young people using arts-based critical pedagogy, applied theatre and creative writing to explore themes ranging from fabulist approaches to reanimating the gaps and silences in historical archives, to queer ecologies and speculative fiction.

in the country garden /the end of england, Jack Young

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