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Ali Graham, Wreathing

Ali Graham, Wreathing


Wreathing is alive with fresh possibilities for the sonnet form. The extensive use of prepositions shows the ways in which queerness repositions subjects with respect to one another. These poems ask the reader to follow them past the familiar and it is worthwhile to do. Graham disrupts the complacency of the cis heteronormative tradition metrically and gifts the reader a greater appreciation for the complexity of human networks.

— Julia Rose Lewis


I love Wreathing, it’s my favourite way to travel. Its density entraps nobody; there is no full stop. The sonnets spill into one another and flip themselves over, knocking against undefinable things. Reading them was being ‘borne / horselessly awry’ through a long valley of gold-flecked apple orchards, pulled to the point of saying something tender and mirrorish like ‘I love Wreathing, it’s my favourite way to travel’.

— Kat Addis


About the author:


Ali Graham lives and works in Norwich. Their poetry has been published by The Tangerine and Cambridge Literary Review, and their essays have been published by Fruit Journal and Stride. They have a pamphlet called Shade Song Sea Dream forthcoming from Distance No Object, a pamphlet called English radiant ground forthcoming from Osmanthus Press, and a book called Shop talk forthcoming with Veer2. They are interested in folds, film, and duration, and they can be found online on Instagram as @aligrhm and on Twitter as @A__Graham .



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Ali Graham, Wreathing

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