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Hot Orange Squash Sky, Alex George

Hot Orange Squash Sky

Alex George

ISBN: 9781915049025

Published on 22/11/21

Season Five Pamphlet Series



Alex George has put his world in a frying pan and rustled up something delicious. There’s plenty of delightful, slightly deranged whimsy in hot orange squash sky, but don’t be fooled – those big shrimp clouds and brains with legs belie an enviable sincerity of feeling. This collection is saturated in genuine warmth, even on its coldest days, and paints its narrator’s month of isolation with such immediacy – and in such lovely colours – that, frankly, this book makes me sad I didn’t write it.
– Alex Aldred


Hot Orange Squash Sky invites you to feel a month slipping through your fingers. It’s written in real-time, recorded and lived in one breath, refreshing and expiring in every line. It withers and grows. It trembles and soars. The book opens further with every turned page. This is an astonishing debut collection – beautiful, tender, and life-affirming. Truly excellent stuff. Not one to be missed.
– Dan Power




About the author

Alex George is a poet and emerging author from Bristol. He studied English Literature and Creative Writing at Lancaster University, during which time he finished runner-up in the 2019 Literary Lancashire Award and had one or two publications in SPAM anthologies. He was also the Executive Editor for Flash Literary Journal for two years. Now, he works for a marketing company, writing blogs mostly about double-glazed windows and conservatories. It’s a good gig. He likes it. He also likes Pokémon, ice hockey, millionaire shortbread and milkshakes. Sometimes he reviews novels or Kate Bush albums on Twitter. He is not that doctor guy from Love Island. This is his first pamphlet.




Hot Orange Squash Sky, Alex George

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