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Ian Macartney, ! / Object

Ian Macartney, ! / Object


Ian Macartney has mashed together a vibrant portrait of the way we live now, a living mausoleum disguised in a forest of words. His borrowed jagged language is restless, stuffed with images of whip-cracking wit, with one eye on the absurd ridiculousness we find ourselves living in, the other on our need to connect to the solid, the real, the natural, however contrived that might be. Did I say ‘! / Object’ was a hoot too? It’s that, and so much more.

— Rishi Dastidar


Dripping in frantic lexical lushness, occult robotic desiredome, and dutifully desperate hotness... as rousing, raunchy and roistering as any word circus right(eous)ly should be.

— Michael Pedersen


About the author:


Ian Macartney is a writer. He can be found at



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Ian Macartney, ! / Object

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