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In the past year, SPAM have been collaborating with Syllabus VI on a publication: Infection


Featuring work by:


Kirsty Dunlop, Bettina Furnée, Helen Hamilton, Alice Hill-Woods, Freya Johnson Ross, Loll Jung, Max Parnell, Maria Sledmere, Daniel Trivedy, Sam Williams. 
As a group of 10 artists and writers we came together with a shared interest in collaboration across mediums and a desire to explore how channels of influence could flow between us—spread out geographically and disciplinarily. We were also united by our interests in collective organising.

In the work gathered here, we explore the notion of ‘positive infection’—considering processes of contagion, transmission, and transmutation. This draws widely from sources including the work of anthropologist Tim Ingold, artists Enrico Ascoli and Hilario Isola, Wim Wenders and Björk, the writing of J.R. Carpenter, and biological insights from non-human creatures such as worms and birds.

This is the result of a collaborative process that we devised to run through 2021 from February to November. Following a two-week period of collective research we began a chain—where each person had just two weeks to make work in response to the person’s work that came before them. The work could be in any medium, and rather than putting in place any structural constrictions (aside from a baseline of one page or 5 minutes of media or one object), each piece was constrained only by the 2 week period each person had to respond.


Apart from their own work, and the work inspiring it that came directly before, no-one knew what had been made until the end of the process—when everything was revealed at the same time.

Special thanks to Max Parnell, Alice Hill-Woods and Loll Jung from SPAM for their work organising this, and to the whole Syllabus VI team :')


(This product is very tall! Height-wise, it fits in an A3 envelope and is roughly A4 in width)



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