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Praise for PORTS:

> 'In PORTS, Calum Rodger moulds together video games and well-known poems of the 20th century, and these hybrid creatures are fond, funny, extraordinary explorations into popular culture. At once known and strange, hilarious and serious, sweet and dark, these poems will make your thumbs itch for a joy-pad and your mouth long for plums. This pamphlet combines concrete form and lyrical moments to make something so addictive, it beckons you on for one more poem.'
   Alice Tarbuck, author of Grid (Sad Press)

> 'Despite knowing next to fuck all [□] about gaming I am a game poet. With two controllers, two consoles and one screen in mind, Calum Rodger's PORTS plays like the ludic love child of Falconhoof and The Norton Anthology of Poetry. wE sAy: PORTS - it's in the game; it's in the poems. XOX.'
   nick-e melville
> ‘□ ’
   nick-e melville

> 'In this collection of crisp, high-res poetic mods, Rodger positions you as the player. The poems are interactive – they encourage you to make decisions, to consider alternative narratives, to resist eating the plums in the icebox. In its transition from page to digital stage, Ports playfully crosses consoles, genres, and tropes – its witty, continually inventive, and sublimely realised.'
   Dan Power, author of Predictive Text Poems (SPAM Press)



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