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sacrificial fabric, Francis Jones

sacrificial fabric

Francis Jones

ISBN: 9781915049032

Published on 22/11/21

Season Five Pamphlet Series




Francis Jones offers us an absurdist kitchen-sink dreamscape populated by flowers, lace, bodily fluids and cute texts vibrating with sensory overload. This pamphlet is the most generous YouTube hole and it will reel you in until you are carried by the seductively wise chatter of the poems as they dance across the page. In sacrificial fabric, time and setting becomes a pond that we skate over like insects, bringing the relief of movement and energy I crave from new poetry. Get dressed up, take off your shoes and fall inside this ballpit of desire, memory, jokes and the skint-yet-glamorous condition.

- River Ellen MacAskill


I personally love tripping and falling over jewel-lace nets that dissolve as soon as you get up to inspect them - in other words, grazzie mille Francis, for all this melting beautiful candy-starred lurid fretwork which is as bejewelled as it is beghouled. Edit* I feel like this description neglects whole dimensions of this pamphlette that I simply can’t get at (just in case everyone’s like wtf are they on about)...

- Shola Von Reinhold




About the author

Francis Jones is a writer from Galway, Ireland, now based in Glasgow. Their poetry and essays have been published by Gutter, Pilot Press, Zarf, Ache, Banshee, Burning House, Polyester Zine and others. In 2019 they co-founded the Glasgow branch of the Small Trans Library with whom they run reading groups and writing workshops. They are currently working on doing some music.

sacrificial fabric, Francis Jones

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