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  • Freya Johnson Ross

(ESSAY) The End, by Freya Johnson Ross

A scrreenshot made blurry. Pale bluck background with wihite trouser leg seen entering from above.

In this four-part essay, rooted in the hooks of pop songs that get easily stuck and morph in the head, opening up different senses, Freya Johnson Ross creates a mirror image of our everyday looping reality. Here, the rhythms of code, and the virtual image combine with micro perceptions and thoughts, text messages and emojis function as poetics, and our own inner background noise travels up to the surface of text.

To read a text/pdf version of this essay, access the download link below:

(ESSAY) The End, by Freya Johnson Ross
Download P • 34.70MB
Second page of PDF piece with large red animated bow taking up most of the page
Third part of the essay, entitled 3. Rug Race with a gold coin animation hanging above a row of large white emoji clouds interspersed amongst the text, followed by a triangular tower of more gold animated coins below the clouds.
Rows of large emoji white clouds stretch across the page in lines cut up by words in between. An emoji of a water fountain sits at the bottom of the page, followed by three large animated gold coins.
Fourth part of the Essay entitled 'Last Thing On My Mind'; about halfway down the page on the left hand side in between fragmented text is a thin landscape close up of eyes on a Renaissance style painting with a green strip from another image cutting through the middle between the eyes.
At the bottom of the page before the last two lines of text is a small square image on the right side, very abstract with different shades of blue blurring together.
A long image takes up a large part of the page on the left hand side. Very blurry, but can just make out the edge of a tiled grey floor and a hand peeking in over a faded blue background.
Final page of the essay. A long picture takes up a large part of the page interspersed with text, situated on the left side with bright redd background stuck beside a stone like shaped dark material patch sitting over a greay background. At the bottom of the page on the left hand side following the text is the same image from the beginning of the piece, of a screenshot blurred with a faded blue bacgroun and a white trouser leg seen entering the frame from a bird's eye view.


Text: Freya Johnson Ross

Images: Images made by the author, emojis from emojipedia:

Published: 12/3/21


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