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SPAM is looking for submissions for the 10th & (special) final issue of its magazine as we know it :’)  

The theme/destination will be ~    

 > > > 𝔐𝔦𝔩𝔩𝔢𝔫𝔫𝔦𝔲𝔪 𝔐𝔢𝔤𝔞(𝔟𝔲𝔰)< < < 

Passengers to loosely channel one of the following routes:

Public transport; Postmodern fin de siecle; Nightmares of The Contemporary; NUMTOT eleganza extravaganza; journey motifs; carriage chaos; the paper round; scotrail golden hour; Echo Falls on the 900; flirting at the bus stop; phenomenology of the interval; Citymapper, Google maps, all the journey planning apps; the Hopper fare; passengers and passages; the commute; haulage; queues; the off-peak; generational friction; renewable futures versus carbon realism; petroculture; lost and found; migration; borders; relative motion; road rage; Thomas the Tank Engine and related memetic content; laminated timetables; lost luggage; shipment; drones; the night bus; the dream-state; speculative and/or utopian modes of transport; transfers; vip lounge; food court; the school bus as represented in cartoons; smart cities; traffic; travel sickness; tweeting the rail company as a legitimate complaint methodology; for fuck’s sake Ally; Deliveroo ennui; psychogeography; motorway etiquette; confessions of a long-suffering conductor; rush hour; subway advertising; automatic drive; the kafkaesque labyrinths of online booking systems; bus upholstery; unpleasant passenger food habits; Lana Del Rey: I just riiiide; unexpected ~ moments of being ~; gas station noir; J.G. Ballard; dark web deliveries; announcement glitches; the sport of waiting; simultaneous time zones; dodgy wifi; Sliding Doors; non-place; in the driver’s seat; the last train’s interminable gig crowd; ‘the general public’; purloined road signs and other transport paraphernalia; intercity logistics; spooky characters always-already inhabiting the bus; avocado emoji; comparative cartographies of the underground system; gender and motorbikes; poetry as infrastructure; vehicle/tenor; energies of transport; trips out of town with your terrible uni soc; contingent passenger solidarity; onboard hooligans; impromptu carriage disco; the food trolley; greenwashing; Uber ratings; hyperloop; Lost Highway; playlists for travelling with; conversations with a stranger; Cosmopolis; space-time compression; anthropomorphic toilet voices on trains; teenage drinking expeditions; the taxi rank; travel brochures; bus driver archetypes; the underlying bathos of limousine aesthetics.

Ticket holders to send content before 16th February.

All experimental forms welcome; send max 2x A5 pages to be printed in B/W; all submissions to



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